Politics of Governments – Do They Work Well for Workers

PoliticsMajority of the people under any government usually prefer government jobs over private jobs. That’s because government jobs offer more facilities than the private sector with a fat check too. Still, like all other things, government jobs come with both pros and cons, though pros are higher in number. We have listed all the advantages and disadvantages for you to consider before applying to any work.

The Benefits of Government Jobs

  1. Every government employee’s work leaves an impact on his fellow country folks because government job holders play a vital role in the advancement of society as their jobs tackle critical issues, from vagrancy to home safety.
  2. Government jobs pay you attractive salaries as compared to private or non-profit organizations. Then there are always chances of increase in pay, as a person’s rank, experience, and skill grows.
  3. There are many amenities included in federal jobs, such as insurance, pension, gratuity, accommodation, and education, etc. are tremendously competitive with other sectors.
  4. You can find government jobs in any area of a country. So, wherever you are residing, it is highly likely to get a federal job.
  5. People think there are not many interesting jobs in the government sector but the reality is you can find work of your own interest in the federal organizations too. If you have interest and degree in Biology, you can pursue a career in medicine, and so on.
  6. We often hear rumors about government employees that they do nothing for the public and just put up an image of, ‘look busy do thing.’ That is not the truth though, because whatever facilities are being provided by the government, get delivered to you through the services of these employees.
  7. If you are looking for work but want a life outside the work too, federal job should bethe choice. Government workers enjoy many public holidays, along with sick and casual leaves, plus their working hours are very flexible. This is very helpful to those who commute from long distances.
  8. People working in government jobs frequently get opportunities of moving to another, more valuable job. Numerous companies offer their services of setting up your career goals for short and long term, within the government. In this manner you remain updated about new job proposals.
  9. Government employers know the value of training and education. They strive for their workers and select different workshops and training opportunities to improve skills and knowledge of their employees.
  10. Federal jobs are secure and steady, offer very reasonable payments, and the benefits are immense. Through these jobs you can certainly work well, not only for yourself but for others too.

The Detriments of Government Jobs

  1. For many people, federal jobs hold no attraction because they consider them to be nothing more than bureaucracy, wastage of time and inefficiency. They claim that private sector jobs are more competitive, clean, and superior. However, things aren’t exactly like this because when government hires efficient people, the working conditions improve and bureaucracy diminishes too.
  2. Another issue is the big turnout of applicants when a job opens up. It requires extreme patience due to the slow work of hiring, and you should be very confident too. If you don’t get hired, always look for another one without feeling depressed.
  3. Although the salaries of government jobs are pretty good and parallel to the private jobs, still a worker won’t be able to reach that stage in his life, which is called, ‘wealthy.’
  4. One complaint by the federal job workers is the changing of governments. Every government reigns with its own rules and policies and the whole public has to abide by those. Once the government changes, new authority introduce its own policies and this creates confusion among the employees.
  5. Many people wish to be employed in government jobs, so they can bring home a heavy nice check, undue privileges and services to public. You should know that this whole process cannot be achieved in haste; rather this is a gradual process. You have to be patient and tenacious if you want to be a success.