Life of a Service Worker – Ayn Rands Take on a Carpet Cleaner

Ayn Rand was known for her views on work and how workers should be treated. Her views were shaped by her history as are everyone’s views and thoughts. Cleaning service professionals can definitely relate to her views. The following is an excerpt based on her views regarding a service worker cleaning carpets.

Steam Cleaner

When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are a lot of misconceptions and myths floating around. To learn more click here about carpet cleaners. What you need to do is understand that your carpet is cleaned according to the number of times it has been walked on. Also, to extend the life of your carpets, you can lessen the amount of dirt, dust and grit that goes into the fibers of the carpet. Keeping the carpets clean on an occasional basis keeps them looking spick and span, plus this way any stains do not get permanent. If you do not take care of your carpets regularly, they will be worn out quickly. It has been said that carpets can survive 12 to 18 months without cleaning but if your carpet is being walked on by lots of people, a thorough monthly cleaning is necessary.

What are the Services of Carpet Cleaners?

According to the changing modes of the usage of a carpet, it should be kept as clean as possible. However, homeowners should keep in mind that they can take help from professionals to keep their carpets clean of all the accumulated dirt and unruly spots and stains. There are pros in hiring a professional.

All Carpets Require Different Cleaning Methods

  • The professionals know that what kind of cleaning methods are required to clean a carpet and all this is done by keeping the length and fabric of the carpet in mind.
  • Carpet cleaning professionals save you from putting money in carpet cleaning machines because quite frankly, those are not really effective.
  • Also, you get saved from going to a carpet cleaning rental or a carpet cleaning facility.
  • This way your precious storage space can be utilized in some other way.
  • Professionals know how to clean your carpets by cutting down on the germs, dust, dirt and mites that might be stored in your carpet.
  • A clean carpet keeps the home look tidy as well.
  • Some carpet cleaning products damage your carpets even further if you don’t know how to handle a certain product.
  • However, professionals are well acquainted with the products used for carpet cleaning and they won’t worsen your carpets anyhow.

Advantages of Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • The biggest bummer of a carpet cleaning is the amount of moisture that is left in the carpet which may take several days to dry. This can result in mold production as well.
  • However, the professionals use low moisture machines and equipment which does not lead to this.
  • They make use of the most effective and non-hypoallergenic methods to clean carpets, which only professionals are familiar about.
  • With the help of hypoallergenic solutions, carpet cleaners do away with the most stubborn stains, long living germs, mites, dirt and dust. They clean the padding and the surface of the carpet very carefully.
  • By professionals, you can have the cleanest and the newest carpets imaginable because their steam cleaner cleaning methods are unmatched.
  • Carpet cleaning services involve water damage restoration, specializing in commercial carpet cleaning and residential, mold restoration, furniture removal, hot water pressure washing, leather cleaning, oriental rugs and conditioning, office cleaning, and hard surface floors.
  • Your indoor air quality is renewed by 80 to 90%, your carpets are free of germs, allergens, dust, dirt and mites by 98% and this doesn’t only include carpets, it contains upholstery, rugs and mattresses as well.
  • The professionals pledge to provide the best indoor environment to their adorable customers.
  • Everything from a coffee spill, to a paint spill or a food stain is professionally cleared by the carpet cleaners. These stains are hard to remove by an unprofessional but a professional will know what to do.
  • These carpet specialists are masters of their trade and they know how to take down every finicky stain, pet urine odors, discoloration or any destruction sticking to the carpet. They are ready to take any upholstery or carpet cleaning challenge.
  • The professionals actually first evaluate the condition of the carpet and then use the appropriate products accordingly, because they know which product will work fine for your rugs without providing them any damage.
  • Professional cleaning extends the lifespan of your carpets and they smell fresh for a long amount of time as well. Professional cleaning is worth a try if you need a good and hygienic indoor environment.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is carried out by using a very low moisture cleaning device that makes use of an encapsulating solution with an automatically rotating brush that comes with cotton pads. The carpet is prepared to be buffed out and vacuumed by the encapsulating solution. Also, the entire procedure leaves the carpet smelling fresh and looking almost recovered from a bad load of stains and dirt.

What is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning?

  • This term is also known as steam cleaning.
  • This is a restorative carpet cleaning process in which all stains and soiling from the carpet is eliminated from the pad and the surface of the carpet.
  • This procedure involves the steps of hot water extraction and encapsulation.
  • Hot water extraction does not require you to pay any charges for the stain removal or for the soiled carpet cleaning.
  • Before the carpet cleaning is begun, the carpet is dissolved for 10 to 15 minutes with a pretreatment solution that is important for starting the cleansing process.
  • This procedure involves removing 98% allergens, sanitizing, removing bacteria and dust mites from your carpets and upholstery.
  • After your carpets and upholstery has been cleaned, almost 89% of the polluted air in your house is eradicated, which means 89% bacteria is gone.

The Berber Carpet Cleaning

Berber carpets are cleaned the best with the combination of bonnet cleansing and hot water extraction. The hot water extractions eliminate the allergens, dirt and dust mites from your carpet with the pad included. A bonnet cleaning refers to the usage of mechanically rotating brush with cotton pads. With this brush, your soiled carpet is cleaned thoroughly and all the stains are faded away leaving your Berber rug smelling fresh and looking anew.

Other Services of Carpet Cleaners

Some of the additional services of carpet cleaners are providing floor and carpet maintenance, also their service ranges from restaurants, retail stores and some other facilities. They will always give you the best results.

As can be seen this service worker has a lot to do and this supports the writings and views that Ayn Rand expressed throughout her life. It is clearly seen that the value of the worker can easily be overlooked if one is not aware of the skill and care that is required of the worker.