Towing Through Things

Towing Our LoadsMaking through life is a lot like maintaining a car. Every car suffers a lot of knocks and bumps. Life is no different for people. Most people sometimes feel like they must be a tow truck towing a heavy weight behind them much like that Greek myth of the man who pushed the rock up the hill every single day only have it to fall back down again and start over the following day.

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For people who lived during and Ayn Rands lifetime and where she was brought up, it was very difficult for them. Life is never been fair and not a single government has been able to solve the problems that humans face. So many great writers and intellects have noticed this and acknowledged it and much has been written about it. Yet to this day, no solutions have been provided by any human government that meets the needs of the people in a real and whole way.

Towing Our Life

So just like tow trucks pulling their loads up and down Hills most people are doing the same thing. How heavy are the loads that we are Towing? That certainly depends on many different factors, many of which are out of our control. No Doubt privilege of wealth and what kind of a family we are born into has a very great bearing on what our life will be like. But as we all know most of the wealth is held by very few people while most of the people on the Earth have very little. This is been talked about since day one it seems and many revolutions have occurred. Yet the problem exists today as bad as it ever was and some say even worse. So we need a real solution, not a Band-Aid.

Some age old things to consider, check out these verses in the Bible:

Jeremiah 10:23

1 John 5:19

These two verses tell us that humans are not able to rule themselves and that the world is in the hands of a very bad person now. Will it stay that way? No. Consider these verses:

Matthew 6:9,10

Danial 2:44

Revelation 21:3,4

These show that man’s rule of himself, along with the horrible influence of the original serpent will come to an end. Notice that the verses in Revelation show that mankind will be living on the earth in wonderful conditions.

The next time someone comes to your door with a Bible and talks about a good government, why not take a few minutes and listen to them?