We hope you enjoy the new added content we are providing. Ayn Rand has seen a lot of interest over the years and in recent years that interest has increased.

Her writings and philosophy has sparked a lot of interesting discussion which is fair game on this site.

We feel that the first centenary is over and we are entering the second 100 years where her writings will be available to us that it is time to move forward and add more and new ideas and philosophy of thought. As we know her St Petersburg Russian upbringing and history greatly influenced her thinking and writing. Well now that time has passed and history can be reflected upon while using her philosophy there is an abundant and fertile ground for discussion.

The world has gotten increasingly complex and its way of communicating and information sourcing in ways that she never anticipated during the prime of her writing. For instance the way people search for information now is obviously on the internet or as back then it was in the yellow pages or libraries or newspaper repositories.

Things as simple as looking for a service industry would be something that she would be familiar with but not in the way that it’s done today. The machinery used is vastly different than what was of her lifetime even as simple as machines used to create printed materials since there is incredibly fast rotary presses capable of an insane amount of output to a simple machine used to clean the carpet or resurface the back yard deck.

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