The Art of Writing

WritingThis article is about a lady who introduced a new style of writing in the literary world. Renowned author Ayn Rand, real name Alisa Rosenbaum, was born in St. Petersburg Russian Federation, February 02, 1905. She is much famous for her innovative style in her scholarly work. She was born in a wealthy Jewish family. When the Bolsheviks demanded the drugstore controlled by her father named Fronz, the entire family ran away to Crimea. After many years, they returned to Crimea which was now called Leningrad. Here Ayn Rand took admission in the university.  

Her Move to the U.S

While studying in the university, she was invited to the U.S. by her Native American relatives. She arranged for the money by selling off her mother’s jewelry and headed off to New York where she stayed in Ellis Island. She quickly altered her name by selecting a Finish author’s name, Aino and changed it into Ayn. She took the name Rand from her Remington-Rand typewriter and thus was known by the name of Ayn Rand throughout the world.

Later on, she got the chance to move to Hollywood where she started her career by first learning English and working in a wardrobe department as well as an extra actress in various movies. She became a U.S. resident by marrying an American actor named Frank O’Connor because she found him handsome and at that time her visa had also expired, so marriage seemed to be a worthwhile decision. She lived a long life and died in March 06, 1982.

Her Lifetime Achievements

Ayn Rand initially faced rejection by a few publishers, nobody was ready to publish her first screenplay written in 1932 and even her first novel penned down by her in 1936. Her first novel The Fountainhead got published in 1943, after being rejected by Continue reading The Art of Writing